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Hello, Yuletide author! I'm very excited to see which fandom we matched on, and what you come up with this year. I have a few general preferences for content, detailed below, and more specific prompts than were included in my signup in case you want something to use as a jumping-off point.

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Likes: Adventure, intrigue, magic, mystery, and mayhem. Creeping horror, monsters that are largely unseen, characters battling their own demons. Casefic and caper fic. I'm equally interested in plotty fic and introspective character fic. Couples that can argue. I enjoy canon divergence AUs. I'm fine with angst, character death, and sad or bittersweet endings - or, for horrorfic, endings where the monsters win. For canons with a malleable protagonist, I tend to prefer female protags if they feature at all, though I don't mind male protags if they're largely off-screen and mentioned in relation to the featured characters - exceptions will be specified.

DNWs: Incest, non-con, and dub-con. Curtainfic, pregnancy fic, and issuefic. Identity headcanons. Mundane, modern, and historical AUs. Tortureporn.

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Fandom: Mass Effect
Characters: Tali, Garrus
Summary: A quiet drink.
Word Count: 100
Notes: For [plurk.com profile] specialmandate

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In which PG remembers she has a personal account for a reason.

And this reason is baked goods.

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