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Hello, Yuletide author! I'm very excited to see which fandom we matched on, and what you come up with this year. I have a few general preferences for content, detailed below, and more specific prompts than were included in my signup in case you want something to use as a jumping-off point.

Likes: Adventure, intrigue, magic, mystery, and mayhem, as well as quiet moments for characters to catch their breath between the former. Couples that can argue. I enjoy canon divergence AUs and for-want-of-a-nail scenarios. I'm fine with angst, character death, and sad or bittersweet endings.

I'm fine with crossovers between my requested fandoms. I'd prefer not to receive any crossovers with unrequested fandoms, however.

DNW: incest, non-con, dub-con, mundane AUs, gender headcanons, asexual headcanons PWP, domestic fluff.

Gentleman Bastard Sequence - Scott Lynch
Requested Characters: Zamira Drakasha, Ezri Delmastro

I'd love to see a slice of Zamira and Ezri's history on the Poison Orchid prior to the events of Red Seas Under Red Skies. A closer look at the circumstances of Ezri joining the crew, a glimpse of her working her way up from raw novice to Zamira's lieutenant, an adventure in port or on the high seas, some close brush with an Eldren horror.

While I didn't request them, I'm fond of all the nominated characters for the series (and of the rest of the cast), and would be fine with seeing them show up.

If shipping strikes your fancy, I'd be happy with Zamira/Ezri, or with the canon Ezri/Jean if you're writing something set while the Bastards are aboard the Poison Orchid.

  • The Poison Orchid's crew spots an injured vessel that looks to be rich and easy prey, but the boarding party discovers something amiss - the scene of a massacre, a crew wracked by illness, a ship apparently empty of all souls, or something stranger.

  • An artifact taken from a plundered ship is rumoured to carry a dire curse, and Zamira and Ezri have to deal with the concerns of superstitious crew. (Or with a curse that's a little more than mere superstition.)

  • Shore leave! Card games and brawling abound.

  • How Ezri wound up running afoul of the law, and/or the circumstances under which Zamira rescued her.

  • Zamira receiving a visit from Ezri's ghost. Or a fever dream that mimics Ezri's ghost. Or some aquatic horror that mimics Ezri's ghost.

Sunless Sea
Requested Character: the Genial Magician

I'm intrigued by the Genial Magician's backstory and conflict with the Fingerkings. I'd love to see something set in his past, either before or during the early stages of his vengeance quest. I'd also love to see what you think happened to him behind the mirror.

If you want to write about the bad outcome of his personal storyline, I'd also be interested in that.

I prefer a female Zee Capatain, if one's going to make an appearance.

A few possible prompts:

  • What was in the box the Fingerkings delivered, and what are the details of how it was disposed of?

  • What might have happened if the Genial Magician had delivered the box?

  • What was Monsieur Pleat's trick, and why did the Genial Magician want to learn it badly enough to bargain with the Fingerkings?

  • The Genial Magician seems to know the Forgotten Quarter fairly well. Was there an earlier expedition? An encounter with hunting devils, or other stranger things?

  • The Genial Magician's struggle with the Fingerking he hunted. What happened in the dream-world behind the mirrors while the Captain sat vigil?

  • If the Fingerking overpowered the Magician, what might it do when it tires of serving as a ship's engineer?

Long Live the Queen
Requested Characters: Elodie, Briony

I'm really interested in the friendship that develops between Elodie and Briony in the game. I'd love to see the twists it might take as they both grow into their positions. I'd also love to see a future adventure, whent they're both more capable and knowledgeable than they are during the in-game treasure hunting expedition.

I do ship the two of them, and if you're in the mood to frame their relationship as a romance, I'd be equally happy with a fic that kept the canon romance ending intact, or one that turned it on its head and saw the two of them get together openly.

If you prefer Elodie with a different romance interest, the only one I'd prefer not to see her hooked up with is Kevan. For non-canon ships, I'd also prefer not to see her hooked up with Togami.

A few possible prompts:

  • The changes in Elodie and Briony's relationship if Briony inherits the Duchy of Ursul. How do they swing spending time with one another? Does anyone try to cause trouble with accusations of favouritism?

  • Briony inherits her aunt's Lumen crystal, and Elodie attempts to train her in its use.

  • The romance epilogue mentions imaginary dragon-slaying. What does this look like? Or maybe that dragon isn't so imaginary after all, and the queen and her closest companion are called upon to defeat (or tame) it.

  • An AU where Elodie and Briony have a romantic relationship and don't marry their never-named noblemen out of duty. How do they deal with the reactions of Nova's subjects? How do they choose their heirs? What other ramifications might there be?

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