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Dear Yuletide Writer (2016)

Hello, Yuletide author! I'm very excited to see which fandom we matched on, and what you come up with this year. I have a few general preferences for content, detailed below, and more specific prompts than were included in my signup in case you want something to use as a jumping-off point.

Likes: Adventure, intrigue, magic, mystery, and mayhem, as well as quiet moments for characters to catch their breath between the former. Couples that can argue. I enjoy canon divergence AUs and for-want-of-a-nail scenarios. I'm fine with angst, character death, and sad or bittersweet endings, so long as they suit the story.

Crossovers between my requested fandoms are fine - some of them lend themselves decently well to them. I'd prefer not to receive any crossovers with unrequested fandoms, however.

DNW: incest, non-con, dub-con, AUs (with the exception of canon divergence), PWP, domestic fluff.

Gentleman Bastard Sequence - Scott Lynch
Requested Characters: Zamira Drakasha, Ezri Delmastro

I'd love to see a slice of Zamira and Ezri's history on the Poison Orchid prior to the events of Red Seas Under Red Skies. A closer look at the circumstances of Ezri joining the crew, a glimpse of her working her way up from raw novice to Zamira's lieutenant, an adventure in port or on the high seas, some close brush with an Eldren horror.

  • The Poison Orchid's crew spots an injured vessel that looks to be rich and easy prey, but the boarding party discovers something amiss - the scene of a massacre, a crew wracked by illness, a ship apparently empty of all souls, or something stranger.

  • An artifact taken from a plundered ship is rumoured to carry a dire curse, and Zamira and Ezri have to deal with the concerns of superstitious crew. (Or with a curse that's a little more than mere superstition.)

  • Shore leave! Card games and brawling abound.

  • How Ezri wound up running afoul of the law, and/or the circumstances under which Zamira rescued her.

  • Zamira receiving a visit from Ezri's ghost. Or a fever dream that mimics Ezri's ghost. Or some aquatic horror that mimics Ezri's ghost.

A Year and a Day in Old Theradane - Scott Lynch
Requested Characters: Any (Jadetongue Squirn, Shraplin Self–Made, Amarelle Parathis, Brandwin Miris, Sophara Miris)

I would adore heist fic, either elaboration on one of the jobs hinted at in the story (how *do* you recognize a melancholy shark anyway) or something entirely new. I'd equally adore a fic about one or more of the retired thieves attempting to learn how to be retired - dealing with temptation, or navigating some social channel they'd previously always stolen or bulshitted their way past. Or if worldbuilding strikes your fancy, Theradane is fascinating in and of itself - how do normal people deal with the magical fallout of the Parliament of Strife's bickering, or with the soul-lit lamp-posts, or what might lesser wizards who aren't also retired thieves get up to?

  • We've seen Jade the clerk; what did Jade the smuggler look like? How might she have handled a bargain gone sour, or gone about slipping dangerous contraband through tight borders?

  • An early caper of Shraplin's, after he stole his way free. What sort of objects might interest an automaton enough to steal them, or what price might he ask in return for stealing something on comission?

  • The wooing of Brandwin Miris by Sophara Miris.

  • Sophara's spellwork. What sort of magic did she cast for the crew? What sort of spells might she have stolen? How did she come upon her current formula for slowed aging?

  • An invention of Brandwin's that didn't quite work as planned - or worked far better than expected.

  • Amarelle vs the Death Spiders. Or the library. Or any of her other bosts.

  • Dragons versus Theradane. Or the coming of the Parliament of Strife. Or the everyday use of magic.

October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire
Requested Charcters: Amandine, Simon Torquill

I love the glimpses that we get of both of these characters, and the hints at what their relationship might have been like both before and after it turned sour. I'd love to see something touching on their fall - the loss of August, and both of them bartering pieces of their souls in hopes of getting them back. Or if you'd prefer to write something sweeter, perhaps a glimpse of their courtship, or some adventure they had together.

  • Simon and Amandine's reactions to the initial realization that their daughter was missing. Who did they confront? Ask for help? What magic did they try before it sunk in that this was no routine disappearance?

  • Amandine rattling at doorways that shouldn't be opened. Did she attempt to break Oberon's seals? Coax Faerie itself into giving her answers? Do as Toby would later do, and summon the Nighthaunts?

  • Simon's decision to take the Winterrose's bargain, and/or how it affected his and Amandine's relationship. Was it the last straw, or were they already broken?

  • Simon and Amandine attending a solstice ball or some other fae function.

  • Simon the young sorceror and Amandine the powerful bloodworker attempting to find a way to live outside the shadows of their more famous relations.

  • If the elfshot cure is used to wake Simon, what might his and Amandine's reunion look like?

The Librarians (TV)
Requested Characters: Cassandra Cillian, Eve Baird

I love the dynamic between Cassandra and Eve. I'd love to see them on an adventure together, without the rest of the team, or attempting to have a girls' night out, or finding some unexpected common interests despite the differences in their backgrounds and temperaments. I will freely admit that I also ship them, so I'd be just as delighted to see them in a romantic relationship as I would be with their canon friendship.

  • Cassandra and Eve dealing with some threat or mishap that's incapacitated the rest of the team. (Or separated them from the rest of the team, be it geographically, across time, or in different realities.)

  • Cassandra showing her protective side, a la "And the Heart of Darkness".

  • Eve and Cassandra (with or without the rest of the team) have a night on the town, this time without any amoral immortal hedonists. (Other magical disasters optional.)

  • Eve and Cassandra (with or without the rest of the team) attend a costume ball on which a spell's been cast that makes the partygoers behave in a manner matching their costumes, possibly leding to a reprise of Cassandra-as-Prince-Charming.

  • Rumours surface about a magical artifact that can cure Cassandra - one that may or may not be real (and may or may not come with some horrible cost).