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Likes: Adventure, intrigue, magic, mystery, and mayhem. Creeping horror, monsters that are largely unseen, characters battling their own demons. Casefic and caper fic. I'm equally interested in plotty fic and introspective character fic. Couples that can argue. I enjoy canon divergence AUs. I'm fine with angst, character death, and sad or bittersweet endings - or, for horrorfic, endings where the monsters win. For canons with a malleable protagonist, I tend to prefer female protags if they feature at all, though I don't mind male protags if they're largely off-screen and mentioned in relation to the featured characters - exceptions will be specified.

DNWs: Incest, non-con, and dub-con. Curtainfic, pregnancy fic, and issuefic. Identity headcanons. Mundane, modern, and historical AUs. Tortureporn.

Sunless Sea
Wistful Deviless, Carnelian Exile, Phoebe/The Scarred Sister

DNW: Mundane or modern AU, incest, non-con, torture porn, pregnancy (m, f, or other), issuefic

Likes: Creeping horror, eldritch madness, eerie landscapes, exploration of souls and the nature of reality in the Neath, exploration of dreams, beauty and serenity in the Neath, hope in strange places. I prefer a female Captain, if the Captain features significantly, but don't mind a male Captain largely off-screen.

I'm particularly interested in the histories of the selected characters - how and why they came to be in the situations the Captain found them in - and in the relationships between them and the crew, or their relationship with the Neath itself.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Valta (DAI), Cullen Rutherford (DAI), Alistair (DAI), Leliana (DAI), Dorian Pavus (DAI)

DNW: Mundane or modern AU, incest, non-con, torture porn, pregnancy (m, f, or other), issuefic

Likes: the Fade, problems with Lyrium, problems with demons (or spirits, or choice spirits), In Hushed Whispers' dark future, character friendships and rivalries, spirits. I'd prefer a female Inquisitor if the Inquisitor features significantly, but don't mind a male Inquisitor offscreen.

I've played through all the DLC, so Tresspasser spoilers are a-ok.

Mass Effect
Female Shepard (Mass Effect), Liara T'Soni, Garrus Vakarian

DNW: Mundane or modern AU, incest, non-con, torture porn, pregnancy (m, f, or other), issuefic, Synthesis treated as happily-ever-after, male Shepard

Likes: Indoctrination and paranoia surrounding the possibility thereof, derelict ships, abandoned colonies, desperate straits. Also brief moments of celebration or relaxation, laughing in the face of disaster, or reconstruction-era fic.

Shepard coping with her resurrection, or details on some of Liara and/or Garrus's exploits on their way to becoming the Shadow Broker and Archangel respectively are particular delights.

Jessamine Kaldwin, Emily Kaldwin

DNW: Mundane or modern AU, incest, non-con, torture porn, pregnancy (m, f, or other), issuefic

Likes: Political intrigue, ghosts, eldritch horrors, dark future, family bonding, strength in the face of adversity, lighter moments amongst the chaos.

How was it for Jessamine and Emily while Corvo was away? How might it have been if Jessamine were the one to survive the assassination attempt, and be somehow disgraced in the process? Looking forward towards the next game, what might it mean for Emily to take on the Outsider's gifts?
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