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Christmas Gift Drabbles & Ficlets

Fandom: Mass Effect
Characters: Tali, Garrus
Summary: A quiet drink.
Word Count: 100
Notes: For [plurk.com profile] specialmandate

They share a drink the night the house is finally built. It’s turian wine, made from small, tart fruits that gleam like copper, and some of that colouring has remained. It matches the bands of light that shift across the sky, shading from pale to bright and back again. Some nights, it seems Rannoch is made entirely of light.

“Next year,” Tali intones solemnly, “we toast with quarian wine.”

Garrus chuckles. “You’ll have to open a vineyard first.”

Her foot nudges his thigh, more an increase of pressure than a kick. “What did you think the neighbouring lot was for?”